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build & connect Reach prospects with a mix of tactics. Design marketing campaigns with intuitive tools.
Campaign Creation


Use the comprehensive email designer to create drip, trigger and transactional email campaigns. Drag-and-drop functionality, responsive design, A/B testing and preset templates make email marketing quick and easy.

Landing Pages & Lead Forms

Create custom landing pages, microsites and forms in a snap. While a novice user can leverage our landing page builder to create and deploy a page with a form in about 90 seconds, there is power behind it. We support automated lead routing, social publishing, integration with Google Analytics and Adwords and multi-branching pages.

Webinars & Events

Engage with customers by hosting webinars and in-person events. Integrated with Cisco WebEx and Citric GoToWebinar, your entire webinar can be managed through Salesfusion. For complex events with multiple sessions, we have you covered. Attendees can register for both the parent event and then choose a single or multiple child sessions under that event. This simplifies the management of events with more than one attendance track, such as a workshop at a conference, training session registrations and more.


Rapidly and easily build surveys to get feedback. All responses are automatically mapped and tracked in the CRM with alerts and the ability to automatically add respondents to a corresponding trigger campaign.

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Nurture Marketing Build relationships with personalized communications. Move leads from interest to closure with automated nurture programs.

Nurture Leads

Salesfusion allows you to engage with prospects by setting up different multi-step campaigns to reach leads in the most effective way possible. These communications can be triggered by prospect attributes or activities – and can automatically adjust over time.

Blend Marketing and Sales Actions

With native integrations to the leading CRMs, you can mix marketing and sales activities to deliver a consistent, integrated experience. This includes the ability to add tasks for sales outreach at the appropriate time or triggering a contact to be added to a campaign based on a change to its status in CRM.

Reporting and Response

Advanced reporting shows how leads travel through nurture campaigns so you can understand exactly how they perform and where leads are in the process.

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TEST & Optimize Make sure your emails reach potential buyers and customers. Manage your sender reputation and test your emails to maximize your campaigns.
Email Optimization

Email Rendering Diagnostics

Know exactly how your customers see an email. Our email builder utilizes responsive design to make sure your emails look good across devices. You can also see a preview of your email in different web browsers and email clients.

Sender Reputation Management (SRM)

Customers can’t read emails that never make it to their inbox. Minimize bounce rates with SRM. Built-in spam diagnostics and database validation will ensure your brand is a trusted sender so your emails aren’t lumped in with exclusive offers from foreign princes.

A/B Testing

Don’t just go with your gut. Get the data to reveal which course of action is most effective. Built-in A/B testing allows you to perform tests on your email campaigns, leading to increased open rates and improved conversions. Find out which subject line, image or call to action drives the best results and have it automatically sent.

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