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Create sophisticated email campaigns that drive revenue

Leverage an email tool built by marketers, for marketers

Salesfusion’s drag and drop email builder has revolutionized the way marketers create emails. It’s so intuitive, even the most novice email marketer can create stunning emails in a few easy steps. You can build emails in a snap and even do advanced HTML coding if you’re an email power user. The tool offers flexibility that fits the needs of teams of all sizes and skill sets.

Key features of Email Builder:

Develop and manage integrated email marketing programs

Salesfusion provides simple and advanced email campaign functionality. You can create everything from bulk email to multi-stage nurture email campaigns.

Salesfusion offers a visual nurture campaign builder to create automated campaigns. You can trigger communications based on specific prospect attributes or activities, as well as drip messages over a predefined timeline.

Additionally, since the platform has a native integration with the industry’s leading CRMs, you have the ability to blend marketing and sales actions in a single campaign. You can include sales outreach and opportunity creation, or update lead and contact records in your CRM automatically, delivering a seamless buyer experience across sales and marketing.

Key features:

Protect your sender reputation with Salesfusion’s built-in email validation service

Sending email to invalid or unknown email addresses increases your bounce rate and negatively impacts your sender reputation. This can harm your overall email deliverability, impeding your capacity to reach otherwise good contacts.

Salesfusion helps reduce this risk. Our onboarding process includes validating all initial contacts uploaded into the platform prior to the first email send. This minimizes the number of unknown addresses included in your database and ultimately, your bounce rate.

In addition to validation performed during your onboarding process, Salesfusion offers ongoing email validation. Continuously maintaining the hygiene of your database safeguards your sender reputation.

Key features:

Keep your emails out of the junk folder and get them into the inbox

Even if you have the best content, a poor sender reputation can prevent your emails from ever reaching your target recipients. Salesfusion can help you manage your sender reputation and ensure your emails get delivered to the inbox.

The majority of email deliverability issues are directly dependent on your sending practices and data management. Salesfusion contains built-in spam diagnostics and testing to help you mitigate problems and maximize your effectiveness. We provide a comprehensive diagnostic overview of your email rendering and identify potential filtering issues prior to each email send.

In addition to proactive assistance, our Deliverability Services group can work with you to identify and overcome current deliverability challenges that are preventing your emails from reaching the inbox.

Key features:

Segment your list so you can better target your prospects

Targeting the right prospects with the right message at the right time is key. Salesfusion’s list segmentation tool ensures you’re managing your contacts properly. It combines a number of tools to make loading, managing and tracking the performance of your lists simple.

A simple 4 step wizard makes loading an external list into the system a snap. When loading lists into Salesfusion, you can choose to push the contacts into CRM or retain the contacts in marketing until a person reaches a specific lead score, thus triggering a push to CRM. Lists may be cleansed and emails verified prior to use and lists may also be combined and edited.

Salesfusion also manages your lists dynamically. Once you create a segmentation, you no longer have to import and export lists into Excel. The system will automatically update it for you.

Key features:

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