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Landing Pages & Forms

Leverage custom landing pages and forms

Create custom web pages in a snap

Create customized web pages, optimized for SEO and lead conversion. The built-in SEO Audit will help you identify ways to optimize your search engine ranking for each page. You can also use advanced A/B testing and web analytics to test conversion performances of different landing pages. Additionally, you can create single pages or full blown microsites with lead capture forms.

A novice user can leverage the landing page builder to create and deploy a fully-functioning page with form questions in about 90 seconds. Salesfusion also supports automated lead routing, social publishing, integration with Google analytics and adwords and multi-branching pages. Finally, you can host your landing pages with a personalized sub-domain for your company.

Key features:

Build forms that push lead and submission data automatically into your CRM

Salesfusion’s form builder allows you to create simple forms to use with Salesfusion landing pages or your own external pages. Even when embedded in external pages, your forms retain all of the post submission functionality as a Salesfusion landing page – lead routing, auto-enrollment into nurture programs, reporting and alerting.

Salesfusion forms are perfect for gating content, “Contact Us” pages, newsletter signups and more. The javascript on the forms tags visitors so you can view and score on their post submission web activity. This data is also pushed automatically into the CRM so your sales team can see exactly how a prospect is engaging with your site and online content.

Key features:

Landing Pages and Lead Capture Forms: B2B Best Practice

landing pages and forms

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