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When you have the right MAP to go with your CRM, it’s time to sit down with sales and decide on the process. Salesfusion’s marketing automation platform integrates with several CRM platforms including: Salesforce, NetSuite, Infor, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM and more.

It’s crucial to choose a MAP provider that will be able to maximize the data in your CRM the right way and accurately leverage your CRM data to execute customized marketing campaigns. Salesfusion’s native integration with the CRM platforms mentioned above ensures your data is surfaced natively inside the user interface of your CRM fields versus inside of an iFrame window. iFrame integration typically requires additional training for salespeople since they will be exposed to the MAP application itself, rather than seeing the marketing data living natively inside of the familiar out-of-the-box and custom CRM fields.

It is also ideal to work with a MAP that is able to do a delta sync, meaning they only bring down changes from the CRM. Salesfusion’s real-time or near real-time updates are ideal when integrating with your CRM. Your CRM also likely has some custom fields in it. Having a CRM that seamlessly integrates with Salesfusion can help you create customized campaigns and fully replicate the database structure of your CRM inside of the MAP, providing a match for all out-of-the-box and custom fields.

Key Features:

We Integrate to all your Major CRMs

We have native integrations with your major CRMs and if you’re using something else, we have an open API.
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